AMICI’s Restaurant at Club Renaissance, Sun City Center 2013 [PRIVATE]

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SUN CITY CENTER, FL – The Amici’s Restaurant is for members only but does allow them to bring in guests.

Amici’s at Club Renaissance
2121 S Pebble Beach Blvd, Sun City Center, FL 33573
(813) 633-1015
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4 Replies to “AMICI’s Restaurant at Club Renaissance, Sun City Center 2013 [PRIVATE]”

  1. My husband, friend and I had a wonderful lunch there Sunday afternoon. Service was very good. For ease of waiter, we had all 3 put on one check. When I checked my receipt the following day, I noticed there was a service charge of $6.15. I called to inquire about it, the lady (would not give me her name) was very rude. She told me it was the tip, and that I should have read it on the menu. REALLY? Who does that for a table of 3? So, the waiter ended up with another $9.00 tip. For a total of $15.15, which was almost 50% of the $36.19 for food. I will never come to this establishment again. That was simply wrong. Especially for the rudeness I received when I called.

  2. Can you send me the contact info for the restaurant menu for the birthday/anniversary dinner on July 6, 2016.
    I am a member, Louis Alberto, and you can send the info to (email hidden)


    1. To Louis Alberto
      I am sorry to inform you that I was unable to find a menu anywhere online ( for the July 6th celebration. You may need to physically go there to pick one up. I wish I could have been more helpful….craig

  3. This is for the chef who prepares meals for the birthday and anniversary dinner each month. The only reason we come to this affair is to see our neighbors. The choice of entrees is just about the worst we have seen in similar operations.
    With the above in mind and since earlier recommendations made to you have not produced a positive result – we will probably not be coming on future anniversary and birthday dinners. We will probably go to an outside restaurant and socialize with our neighbors. The choices available on the outside are far greater than what we can get from the Club –
    Even though we would prefer the Club since we are paying dues to be members.

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