Pickleball Tournament 2013 Tampa Bay Senior Games, Sun City Center, FL [PHOTOS]

SUN CITY CENTER — These are a few actions shots taken at the  2013 Tampa Bay Senior Games Pickleball Tournament on South Pebble Beach Blvd, Sun City Center, Florida.

SCORES: Pickleball Tournament 2013 Tampa Bay Senior Games


50+ GOLD Mike Pascale – Bob Zinsmaster, SILVER Frank Terlitz – Rob Denmark, BRONZE William Hutton – Steve Talner 60+ GOLD Gary Ball – Mark Stemerman, SILVER Marc Bock – Paul Kelly, BRONZE Pedro Arevalo – Robert Welter 65+ GOLD Ed Raymond – Jim Vanvorhies, SILVER George Crichlow – Myron Johnson, BRONZE Rick Fagerburg – Rick Benkoski 70+ GOLD Arthur Chilvers – John Sprainitis SILVER Robert Witkes – Russ Putman BRONZE Craig Humphreys – Keith Wolverton 75+ GOLD John Maddaloni – Sam Montana SILVER John Marinchek – Vincent Quintalino BRONZE Mel Goss – Colin Martens


50+ GOLD Diane Bock – Bobbi Little, SILVER Denise Boutin – Sue Gapen, BRONZE Diane Barnes – Sharlene Peters 60+ GOLD Brenda Littlefield – Dixie Long, SILVER Jane Michelin – Carol Cuthbertson, BRONZE Sandy Hawkes – Cindy Eddleman 65+ GOLD Kandy Aker – Diane Reynolds, SILVER Judy Davis – Patsy Rucker, BRONZE Barb Smith – Toni Teasdale 70+ GOLD Rosemarie Pietromonaco – Phyllis Ward, SILVER Ellen Fruend – Joan Keller, BRONZE June Angelos – Gail Brown


55+ GOLD Diane Bock – Marc Bock,  SILVER Denise Boutin – Gary Ball, BRONZE Nancy Meyer – Frank Terlitz 60+ GOLD Kandy Aker – Mark Stemerman, SILVER Jane Michelin – Lewis Lange, BRONZE Brenda Littlefield – Jim Claycomb 65+ GOLD Deb Harrison – Bill Freeman, SILVER Carol Cuthbertson – Tom Cuthbertson, BRONZE Sandy Smith – Randy Allen 70+ GOLD Rosemarie Pietromonaco – Bob Fox, SILVER Patsy Rucker – Harry Callen, BRONZE Sharlene Peter – Wilfred Hancock 75+ GOLD Barbara Miachika – Neil Nightingale, SILVER Gail Brown – Mel Goss, BRONZE Doris Taylor – Vincent Quintalino

More photos at http://photos.pickleballspecialties.com/Other/2013-Tampa-Bay-Senior-Games/33002607_m5JCZw#!i=2860412659&k=kXcTpB4

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