BubbaQues BBQ – reviews for Sun City Center, FL

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Bubbaques BBQ at dusk in Sun City Center, FL
Bubbaques BBQ at dusk in Sun City Center, FL

BubbaQues BBQ in Sun City Center is starting to get reviews from local residents in the comment section below, on Yelp and Tripadvisor as well.

BubbaQues BBQ is a franchise that started in Florida in 2008 and classified as a fast casual restaurant with stellar reviews.

BubbaQues BBQ | MENU |  3858 Sun City Center Blvd | Sun City Center, FL 33573 | bubbaquesbbq.com | (813)-634-3100

3 Replies to “BubbaQues BBQ – reviews for Sun City Center, FL”

  1. Had to check out the hoopla, My wife and I tried the baby backs n half chicken, wow the baby part was right, ribs were inch n half on one end and maybe two on the other, complimented by what appeared to be a cornish hen. very dry n TOUGH….. As far as the signature sauce, tractor grease, properly named.. the only thing big here other than fifty dollar. WAS THE DISAPPOINTMENT!!!

  2. We stopped at the sun city location and I was unsure about it because it looked sorta like fast food. I’m really glad we stopped. The food and service was perfect. Found out they have one in Chief land Fl too. I will be stopping there in the way to the Seminole games.

  3. LOL NO IS A GREAT GUY, JESSIE OUR SERVER VERY NICE. IF SHE WAS BUSY SOMEONE ELSE MADE SURE WE WERE TAKEN CARE OF. I ASKED loony what fried corn on the Cobb was, in minutes he was out with one for us to try. It was great will have one next trip. Plan to make this a weekly place to eat. Sonny barbeque is too dry. We had a pick three platter, fried pickles, fried mater, sweet potato nachos and chili, everything was great. Thank You Long for chatting and making our dining at Bubbas fun. Shirley and Michael Howard, we have to move everything back to Bradenton 01/15 so someone else open a barbeque there as all t hey have is sonnys, not good

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