It’s Lovebug Time in Sun City Center

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Adult Lovebugs mating will remain coupled for days in Sun City Center
Adult Lovebugs mating  in Sun City Center, Florida

Lovebugs are back in Sun City Center for their April and early May five-week mating season.  Swarms can number in the hundreds of thousands and quickly end up on the front end of cars that happen to be driving through one.

The acidic composition of these kissingbugs can eat away the paint on cars, so it is advised to removed the bugs as soon as possible, especially on older cars. Newer paint jobs are more formidable and can resist the acidic environment a lot better.

Similar to snow fall,  luv bugs seem to go with the wind, flying slowly and aimlessly through the air, void of any flight pattern.

These honeymoon flies mate in Florida in the spring, late summer and exclusively in south Florida in December.

Kissing bugs coupling in May 5, 2014 in Sun City Center
Kissing bugs coupling on May 5, 2014 in Sun City Center

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