America’s Car Wash: daily washes for $19.95/mo, Sun City Center

Americas Carwash for detailing, hand waxing, Sun City Center
Americas Car Wash for detailing, hand waxing, Sun City Center

America’s Car Wash provides monthly packages starting at $19.95 per month that allows customers to get their car washed as often as they like, limited to one wash per day.

They will hand wax your car with carnuba wax for only $39.98. This package includes a brush-less, automated car wash, windows and tires cleaned, carpet vacuumed and bugs removed.

America’s Car Wash | 728 Cypress Village Blvd | Ruskin, FL 33573 | | (813) 634-9409 – prices subject to change

2 Replies to “America’s Car Wash: daily washes for $19.95/mo, Sun City Center”

  1. I have been a member for several years. As a realtor I felt it important to having a clean, well kept car and once retired I found I was spoiled and continued with the service. I have a different vehicle now and am gone much of the time and need to discontinue with the service but have only good comments and good grades for their service.

  2. I have been a package customer for many years. Part of what makes my visits so important is the very special care Virginia (Virg for those of us that know & appreciate her kind respect upon our visits) takes to make each & every customer that drives through your car wash feel cared for & appreciate our business. I must commend you for strategically placing her in the right place to make customers feel special. Her value as an employee is much more than you can imagine!

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