Sprinkler systems use lake and well water in Kings Point

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Kings Point’s neighborhood-wide sprinkler systems, such as the one for the lawn bowling field, uses water pumped from wells (aquifers) and local lakes .

Two sprinkler systems pump water directly from deep wells:

1. The upper loop (AKA northeast loop) pumps water from deep wells to Andover, Bedford, Cambridge, Dorchester, Fairfield, Gloucester, Knolls,  Manchester I and the median that runs along Kings Blvd.

2. The lower loop (AKA southwest loop) pumps well water to  Highgate, Idlewood, Lancaster associations and Quail Pass.

All the other Associations get water from designated lakes that are re-filled from deep wells (Florida’s aquifer).

The Kings Point irrigation uses lake and well water, not reclaimed water. -Dana Phillips from Kings Point Master Association

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