‘ALL CHAMPIONS’ at Pickleball Tournament in Sun City Center

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The Tampa Bay Senior Games 2014 Pickleball Tournament in Sun City Center was phenomenal.

The competition had a some of the greatest players in the region that included Mark & Kandy and Diane & Mark Bock from The Villages, Florida. Also included in this star lineup were Lewis and Jane from Kings Point – a small nestled neighborhood in Sun City Center that has around 300 Pickleball players and counting.

The short clip named ‘ALL CHAMPIONS’ features these three teams making some awesome shots in the 60+ Mixed Doubles competition on Sunday October 5, 2014 at the Community Center & Sports Complex on South Pebble Beach Blvd.

RED TEAM: Mark Stemerman and Kandy Aker, The Villages, FL
ORANGE TEAM (BRONZE), Mark and Diane Bock, The Villages, FL
BLUE TEAM (SILVER), Lewis Lange and Jane Michelin, Kings Point

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