Taco Bell, Sun City Center, FL (new patio)

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Taco Bell in Sun City Center now has a covered patio with a fireplace located on Sun City Center Blvd in the 55+ age-restricted community of Sun City Center, FL.

Julio Moreno, the new Area Coach for Taco Bells in mostly SouthShore said, “We wanted to be different and stand out from other entities by doing a covered-patio with a fireplace.”

C.W. Hayes Construction was contracted by Guerrieri Management Inc. to do the work for an estimated $25,000.

I want to add that I have never gotten a bad order from this location and the food is always delicious. The staff are always patient and kind and make sure you have everything before you leave the drive-through.

Taco Bell
3886 Sun City Center Blvd, Ruskin, FL 33570
(813) 633-8643
tacobell.com | Google Maps

2 Replies to “Taco Bell, Sun City Center, FL (new patio)”

  1. I am a big big fan of Taco Bell. I have been eating at the Sun City location since they first opened and have always loved the place. I can’t ell you the great food and wonderful staff they have always had in place there and I keep going back again and again. UNTIL this morning. I went in at 9:30 AM. The place was filthy, the Cashier was not at all friendly with customers and barking orders to one other employee. They were the only two I saw. She was just plain nasty. I put in an order of tacos and Chalupas The tacos were no more than a half inch thick, Almost no meat, not even a spoon full. I ordered 3 Chalupas, two were not too bad, the third was so bad that I gave to my dogs and neither one of them would eat it. The meat Stank and all tacos and chalupas had no presentation at all. They looked bad and were bad. It did not resemble what I normally get at this place and I can’t believe if ownership saw this they would have made changes on the spot. I have never complained about food, even bad food for any restaurant or food chain even some that were not too good but I didn’t say a word, but this was awful. I hope someone in management picks up on this message and does something about it. I will go back again, but any sort of repeat of what I experienced this morning, I will cross this location off my list permanently. Good Luck and hope you correct this mess soon.

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