50% of Shuffleboard Courts removed, being replaced with Lawn Bowling lanes

Aug 18, 2014 - Half of the Shuffleboard courts being removed for new lawn bowling lanes, Kings Point

Construction workers are removing 50% of the Shuffleboard Courts and will replace the area with new Lawn Bowling lanes in the Kings Point development in Sun City Center, FL.

The existing Shuffleboard courts will be resurfaced and updated after the Lawn Bowling lanes are finished.

Leaning tree at safe distance from electric pole in Kings Point

falling tree away from wires at Cypress Creek in Kings Point

The tree that is falling over on the bank of Cypress Creek at Kings Boulevard and Foxhunt Drive is at a safe distance from the electric pole and wires.  The tree will be removed in the in the near future.

Mainscape beautifies landscape in Kings Point

Aug 7, 2014 - Kings Point grass cut and bushes trimmed by Mainscape

Mainscape started working on June 1 in the Kings Point development cutting grass and trimming bushes for the 5,500 homes in the gated community. I went out today to take some photos of areas that are looking good.

Landscaping and contact information can be found at the Kings Point Sun City Center website

Breakfast Menu: THE LOFT LOUNGE at South Clubhouse in Kings Point

LOFT LOUNGE serving breakfast to residents in the morning in Kings Point

THE LOFT LOUNGE has a breakfast menu for early risers at the South Clubhouse in the Kings Point development in Sun City Center, Florida.

The bar over looks the well manicured Scepter Golf Course and you can order from the Palm Court Cafe menu anytime of the day. Just ask the bartender for the menu and he/she will gladly take your order.

In the afternoon and during the evening hours, The LOFT turns into a full-service bar and a social area for residents to gather for cocktails and dinning.

8 am to 10 pm (Sun-Mon)
8 am to 11 pm (Sat)

Kings Point South Club | 1224 New Point Loop | Sun City Center, FL. 33573 | (813) 634-5829

Tennis Courts get updates at North Court Complex in Kings Point

Aug 2, 2014 - Construction finished at tennis courts at North Court Complexe in Kings Point

The tennis courts at the North Court Complex in Kings Point had a makeover that included a newly resurfaced court, fencing with green mesh, and sidewalks.

Photos of Clublink’s Scepter Golf Club in Kings Point

North Court Complex: Tennis, Lawn Bowling, Shuffle Board in Kings Point

July 20, 2014 - North Court Campus for tennis, lawn bowling and shuffle board

The North Court Complex has full-size tennis courts, lawn bowling greens and shuffle board alleys. The outdoor complex is located by the main gate on Kings Blvd in Kings Point in Sun City Center, FL.

Sprinkler systems use lake and well water in Kings Point

July 20, 2014 - high pressure spinkler sprays lawn bowling field with flags in background in Kings Point

Kings Point’s neighborhood-wide sprinkler systems, such as the one for the lawn bowling field, uses water pumped from wells (aquifers) and local lakes .

Two sprinkler systems pump water directly from deep wells:

1. The upper loop (AKA northeast loop) pumps water from deep wells to Andover, Bedford, Cambridge, Dorchester, Fairfield, Gloucester, Knolls,  Manchester I and the median that runs along Kings Blvd.

2. The lower loop (AKA southwest loop) pumps well water to  Highgate, Idlewood, Lancaster associations and Quail Pass.

All the other Associations get water from designated lakes that are re-filled from deep wells (Florida’s aquifer).

The Kings Point irrigation uses lake and well water, not reclaimed water. -Dana Phillips from Kings Point Master Association