Businesses Closed on Sunday gives old time feel to Sun City Center, FL

Some businesses in Sun City Center are closed on Sundays like West Coast Golf Cars

Many small businesses closed on Sunday gives that old time feel in Sun City Center, Florida.  West Coast Golf Cars is one of the three golf cart dealers in Sun City Center that choose to be closed on Sundays. Sun City Center Hardware (Ace) is closed on Sundays along with many other small businesses in the area.

Sun City Center Ace Hardware Since 1996 – family owned

Sun City Center Ace Hardware store in Sun City Center Plaza
Sun City Center Ace Hardware store in Sun City Center Plaza

The family owned Ace Hardware store in Sun City Center Plaza opened in the 70s and has that old-town feel to it with benches out front, a friendly staff that still say hello when you walk in and a closed-on-Sunday policy.

And It usually only takes under a minute before someone asks, ‘Can I help you’ – service that was common decades ago but has gone by the wayside with the big corporate box stores.

It is small, locally owned stores like these that help maintain our unique ‘Norman Rockwell’ feel to our city, so remember Sun City Center Hardware when you need something.

Sun City Center Hardware | 1619 Sun City Center Plaza | Sun City Center, FL 33573 | 813.634.5363 |

The first Ace Hardware store was opened in Chicago in 1924. The stores name derived from the ACE fighter pilots in World War I who managed to overcome impossible odds.

By 2012 there were over 4,000 Ace Hardware stores around the globe that did over $3 billion sales for the year.